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Vision and Mission

At NSM Riceland we strive to bring you the highest quality Basmati rice. Our state of the art technology and packaging units ensure purity. We are meticulous in our efforts, focusing on everything that makes great basmati rice. We also value our customer’s schedules and ensure timely delivery. And most importantly, at NSM, we value everyone involved in the supply chain- making sure the rice is processed under humane conditions and reaches consumers to make their lives healthier and better.

The Glimpse

NSM Riceland is fast emerging as a rice giant in India, spreading its wings globally. With a state-of- the-art rice mill in Taraori in the state of Haryana (India), we aim to ethically produce high-quality rice that ensures the health of your family through purity. We have been setting milestones in the rice business right from the get-go under the strong leadership of Sukaran Makkar (International Marketing and Sales Head) and Nitesh Makkar (Quality Production and Finance Head).

High-quality rice and customer trust are the two things important to us, here at NSM Riceland. Thanks to our customers’ continued support and trust, we now export the best quality Indian rice across the globe to 20 countries and counting!

NSM Riceland Benchmark 

Rice is a staple food for many people across the country and the globe. The colour, taste, aroma and texture of rice plays an important role in satiating the taste buds when rice is consumed. Therefore, we make sure that each grain of rice that reaches your plate is perfect in every way – the size, shape, smell and colour.
Our superior packing technology ensures that rice stays fresh and smells heavenly when it reaches our customers!

Superior Quality and Finest Packaging

At NSM Riceland, we are committed to maintaining a high quality of products while also expanding our range to cater to the needs of our customers. With a sharp focus on popularising authentic Indian rice to the whole world, we are also looking to expand our reach to other countries. We are already working on these goals by bringing the latest technology and world-class equipment to our rice processing plants.
NSM Riceland – your gateway to a taste of heaven!Vision and Mission
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